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Onabanjo Toheeb Omotoyosi February 16, 2020

Reliable web hosting platform. Tested and trusted

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@incomebrain February 11, 2020

Whogohost is the Best in Customer Support Services, I use Whogost for , , and for other of my clients base in Nigeria. I am Wow at their service.

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@HarryIke3 February 6, 2020

you guys are doing great job..your technical support 5*

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@EarnMoneyCons February 6, 2020

Awesome. Thanks for treating me like a VIP.

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Bright Elochukwu Ezumah OBE February 6, 2020

customer support is top notch. I've never been made to feel this special by a company before. Keep up the good work.

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Officially_Bossgist January 27, 2020

If you are looking for a Web hosting company to host your website, please do contact

@whogohost for it. They are the best. Their Support team response is top notch. Kudos guys

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MORTAL M^N January 23, 2020

thank you and eddyth for your quick response your customer service is top notch

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Sustainable run for development Kari January 23, 2020

My request was handled in a professional way and I was treated like a customer should. I commend the agents professionalism.

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Uloma Umeano January 23, 2020

You guys have one of the best customer services in Nigeria. Continue to improve the experiences you give your customers. Keep up the good work

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david igbigbi December 16, 2019

You are the best

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Jok Jatau December 16, 2019

Good Support

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jejeupdates tv December 16, 2019

One of the Best web hosting companies in Africa

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Ojo Abraham December 16, 2019

Excellent Services

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Samuel Achema December 16, 2019

Men, @whogohost support is prompt, amazing and courteous... This is not a paid advert ooo... I just love the effort those guys put into issues resolution like they're not Nigerians

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Stephen Jude December 16, 2019

Let me shout out to some companies that I gave me amazing and on-time customer support this year. First is

and I am giving them 5 stars rating. Most issues are resolved in their Twitter DM



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Adegoke Abiodun November 1, 2019

Excellent service from you guy.

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